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Bildetekst ikke funnet

The rivers in the county of Porsanger are rich in salmon and sea trout. All rivers are extremely beautiful and still inexpensive compared to other rivers in Norway. Salmon anglers across the world have heard about Northern Norway’s marvellous salmon rivers. Stabburselva is known for its beautiful surroundings and excellent salmon fly-fishing. Lakselva is known for big sized salmon, and Børselva is well known for its crystal clear water and beautiful surroundings. If you want good value for money and several really good rivers where you can find places in solitude, Stabbursdalen Resort is the place for you. Stay with us, rent a car, and fish in four great salmon rivers within an hour drive!
In addition Porsanger offers fishing it the fjord and in over 4000 lakes. Fish for sea char along the fjord or fish for char, trout, grayling, whitefish, burbot, perch or pike in the fresh water areas.


Stabburselva is about 60 km long and has its source from the beautiful Stabbursdalen National Park (photos from Stabbursdalen). The National Park contains the northern-most Pine Forest in the world. The river flows past Stabbursdalen Resort, down to The Porsanger Fjord (Porsangerfjorden). Stabburselva is one of the best salmon rivers in Finnmark and is known for its big grown salmon. It is not uncommon to catch salmon around 20 kg and the record is 29 kg. There are also sea trout and artic char. It is a very popular fly-fishing river as long games are perfect for fly fishermen.

Bildetekst ikke funnet             

Erling Pedersen with his salmon catch of 23,8 kg

Fishing is usually best is from mid-June through August, slightly later than the more southern rivers.
The river flows partly through a narrow valley with canyon-esteem, river switches nicely between rapids and calmer pools and at the outlet area is more calm river flowing. The salmon goes up to Njakkagorzze about 30 km from the river mouth. The first 9-10 km up to Lompola alternates between rapids and pools. From here to Stabbursfossen the river is dominated by long pays with rapids in between. The first 2 km up to the 6-meter high waterfall Stabbursfossen has many fine fishing spots. The river is rough over the salmon stairs and has several falls. Some salmon migrate up the Dæbbojohka and Njakkajohka, which are tributaries to the main river. Njakkajohka is the largest tributary to Stabburselva in the National Park.

To fish in the rivers you need to pay the National Fishing Fee. In addition you need the local fishing permit. Both can be bought at Stabbursdalen Naturhus and Museum, 220 meters from Stabbursdalen Resort. 




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